Hello! Welcome to my website


My name is Maisie and I am a Birmingham-born writer who lives in Glasgow. I write for children, teens and occasionally adults too. 


Things you didn't know about me:

  • My cat ran away after 10 years and went to live down the road.  
  • I can't cook Chinese food, but I can use chopsticks
  • Estoy aprendiendo español (I am learning Spanish)
  • I am a trained yoga teacher for children and adults
  • Before becoming a writer I worked for the Red Cross, was a cleaner, worked in Blockbusters and various libraries. 


Latest News 2018


New Writing 

My work in progress is a middle grade novel about a boy whose grandmother arrives from China and turns his world upside down. 



The Big Think is a new SMSC wellbeing programme for Primary Schools in the UK. Many of the new and inclusive stories were written by me. I also have been commissioned by Ladybird for a new anthology and I have a short story in the Oct-Nov edition of SCOOP MAGAZINE 



My new mentee for 2018-2019 is Scottish Chinese writer Eliza Chan who writes sci-fi and fantasy. Check out Eliza's page here






"Perhaps Women were once so dangerous they had to have their feet bound" Maxine Hong Kingston (The Woman Warrior)