Mentoring Opportunity for a British born Chinese Writer 


Recently, I have been having lots of conversations about the lack of British born Chinese writers. Why aren't there more? Where are they? Are they too scared? Are they steered into other careers? 


Let me tell you now. It took me two years of talking about wanting to write before I wrote a single word. I was too afraid of writing rubbish. Slowly, I got over my fears and dived head first into the writing world.  However, I've had help along the way from many writers and organisations. 


I want to pay it forward. I already help a few writers in my own time by offering advice, reading work and supporting them on their journeys, as I have been supported on mine. 


What experience do I have that might be useful? I have taught creative writing for children, teens and adults for Writing West Midlands. I was also a prose tutor at Arvon Lumb Bank working with Chinese writers. Many of my students from that project remain friends and continue to write. I have been on writing courses and workshops. I have been published in anthologies, have had two children's books published and have won awards for my writing. I have been a writer for twelve years.


I am offering FREE mentoring for one year for a prose writer (short fiction, flash fiction, middle-grade, young adult or adult fiction or non-fiction), six hourly sessions either face-to-face or on SKYPE (whichever works out easiest), I will read work, signpost and offer my advice dependent on your personal needs as a writer. 


To apply please e-mail the following to: 

  • A statement of no more than 1000 words telling me about yourself, where you are on your writing path and why you would like to receive mentoring. 
  • A writing sample of no more than 2,500 words. 

Deadline: 7th May 2018


 * I am flexible on if you were actually 'born'  in Britain. I know some of us call ourselves British born Chinese (BBCs) as we're second and third generation. But you may have been adopted as a baby or born somewhere else and raised here. I'm also happy to read different genres.