'The Legend of Hua Mulan' in Ladybird Tales of Superheroes


Superheroes have always been with us, from gods with mighty powers to human heroes who don disguises to save the day . . . Join six larger-than-life mythic and legendary heroes from around the world in this colourful, illustrated collection of Ladybird Tales. 



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The Big Think Stories 2019 

For 7-11 year olds 


This anthology of diverse and inclusive stories was compiled with every child in mind. 

The majority of the writers were hand-picked by myself and the stories are linked to a theme such as non-violence, looking after property, climate change, friendship and many other values that inspire empathy and self understanding. 

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Bath Flash Fiction Anthology 2018


Things Left and Found by The Side of the Road


My flash fiction story 'Margate' was longlisted in the Bath Flash Fiction Award 2018 and was one of 133 published stories chosen from massive 2755 entries!

SCOOP Magazine Oct/Nov 2018


'The Dragon Shell' is about a girl who discovers a that her own family was part of a forgotten mystery during World World I. 

Visual Verse 2018 


Two pieces of flash fiction (adult) have been published on Visual Verse: An Anthology of Art and Words 

50-500 words in one hour.





Brum Radio Podcast - Word Play: A Collection of New Writing

April 2018


'Growing Up On Lard' read by novelist Catherine O' Flynn



Impossible Things Anthology 

(Creative Futures Literary Award, 2015)


My story 'Home Instead' was written about an elderly Chinese person who is receiving home care from a  young inexperienced carer. Lemn Sissay and Maggie Gee also feature in the anthology.




The Crew: Hot or Not? by Sam Carter (series pseudonym) 

(Franklin Watts, 2009)


Amber loves football. She's the Crew's star player. She also likes Kai and wants him to ask her out. But Kai isn't into sporty girls so Jade, Amber's best mate, comes up with a plan. 



The Crew: Day of the Dog by Sam Carter (series pseudonym)

(Franklin Watts, 2009)


Sam looks after a big dog called Buster. But Buster has other ideas and runs off. Sam and the Crew HAVE to find Buster or there will be Buster-sized trouble!

The Map of Me: True Tales of Mixed Heritage

(Decibel Prize/Penguin, 2008)


My non-fiction piece 'Growing Up On Lard' was first published in this anthology which explored growing up with a white working-class English family and the food we ate. 

Finding A Voice: An Anthology 

(National Academy of Writing & Birmingham City University, 2009)


I wrote a short piece of flash fiction called 'Cupboard Love' about a woman who grew up hiding in cupboards to get away from her sister.


Original Skin 

(Birmingham Libraries with Brewin Books, 2008)


'Lychees and Bingo Balls' was one of my first pieces of fiction. The anthology was launched at the then Birmingham Book Festival and I was the first British-born Chinese author to feature at the festival! 

Perfectly Formed

(Birmingham Words - Online Publication, 2007)


'The Last Hao Gao' was a piece of mirco fiction (less than 300 words) and this was the first time I had been published anywhere. I was so happy. 

"There was a time I when I used to love hiding in cupboards." Maisie Chan  ( Cupboard Love: A short Story)