Submission Package Mg/YA

I am super excited to be a part of #WriteMentor 2019 and am hoping my experience as a published and agented author will be useful for someone who feels like they need another set of eyes on their submission package. You can find out more about my background as a writer on my website.


I have recently been commissioned to write for Ladybird, Scoop Magazine and The Big Think project (for 7-12 year olds). I write contemporary social realism. However, my current mentee writes adult fantasy, so I am open to a variety of genres (apart from horror and full on sci-fi). I have been helped and mentored by many different writers over my career such as Leila Rasheed (Megaphone scheme), Lisa Williamson and Kit de Waal. 


Ideally, I would like to find a mentee who is flexible and open to hearing suggestions, and willing to make changes if needed. I am able to help with elevator pitches, your synopsis and honing in on what an agent is going to be looking for. I am happy to chat on the phone/SKYPE and offer feedback via e-mail (Word/track changes). I will do an overall summary and then a more detailed feedback on your synopsis and three chapters. 


I am open to most types of writing within MG and YA (including teen), I would love to find more stories about characters we don't often see in bookstores. I'll happy to read contemporary, romance, thriller, own voices, LGBTQ+, historical and fantasy, and magical realism. 


I am keen on helping more UK writers from diverse backgrounds, but am willing to receive applications from around the world too. I have lived in the US and Asia so have some insight into life in those places. 

Voice and style

You can't teach writers how to write a convincing 'voice'. Therefore, I am looking for writing where the voice is apparent from the first page. Do they have a way of speaking unique to them? Can you tell their voice from others? Does your personal writer's style shine through in your writing?

Strong Characterisation

For me, characters are the essential vehicles for which we move through a fictional world. Does yours have a new take on the world? Something important to say? Or have they been through an experience that we need to know about? If yes, then I want to read it

A Sense of Place & timeless themes

Some of the best novels have a strong sense of place. The five senses are invoked, and you feel as if you have been transported. Do you have that in your novel? Are there details that you have included that make the location seem real? Will I recognise what your book is about?